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Energy Forecast for: Full Moon In Capricorn July 2023

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Catalyst of Change

Reading completed with: Queen of the Moon Oracle by Stacey Demarco

Queen of the Moon Oracle by Stacey Demarco
Underlying Theme of the Full Moon In Capricorn

Underlying Theme:

Attraction - Self Love- The Masculine
The last handful of years have truly helped us realize what we find valuable and important, and this has in turn helped us highlight where changes have needed to take place. With this full moon, we will at a minimum, be shown signs that change is in motion. Maybe it is not able to fully come into complete manifestation or realization, but there will be definite indicators showing that will provide glimpses of a new future.

For some, there will be very clear and strong evidence of our hard work paying off. It could bring super positive, new beginnings and opportunities that we have either intentionally or unintentionally invited, manifested, or attracted. This is happening because we have finally realized, recognized, or released, the old stories that kept us stagnant, and stems from our new understanding of self worth and by recognizing our soul's compass has been trying to lead us to where we need to be.

Even though we are sampling from these "new stories" there might still be some work to do in order to close out the old ones, and unfortunately, we may have to face some hard realities and things that do not feel so good. This may include consequences of past actions. This is brought forth so that we can sync up with a future that is more aligned with what we are trying to build.

Most of us will continue to reflect upon what is most important as we continue to work on ourselves, our self development, and self love. With this, we are becoming more empowered, and are finally finding the strength and confidence to take action and make changes in our own lives… most of which has been long overdue and is at a very foundational level.

Many stories are hitting a climax in some chapter or area of our lives. This can feel for better or for worse… but the “worse” will clear the path for our new life.


The Main Reading:

Hunger - Change - Blossom - Resistance -Protection - The Path

The old story is on its way out as the new story emerges
Main Reading: Full Moon In Capricorn

This full moon is a catalyst for change. We may sense or be aware of it, but some in some cases it will be thrust upon us like a freight train without breaks. This may simply be a change in the way we are thinking, but it motivates changes in our reality.

This is affecting us all differently… but main areas of focus are tend to have those Capricorn or Cancer themes: foundations, ways of existing, our roots, our homes, the family (including both parents/grandparents, partners, children, and siblings), our career/ professional goals, and what exactly we are trying to create for the future.

Even though we have a strong Neptune influence, and the Moon is present in this spread… we will be having awareness come. Clarity and truth are on their way.

We may be facing the results of consequences associated poor decisions, lies, deception, or misunderstandings. Dealing with earth and Capricorn energy, we may be reviewing resources, money, home, property, and long term health and wealth. This can include long term investments, generational wealth and estates, banks, mortgages, corporations, careers, family assets, and legacy.

Due to the Cancer connection, we may also will find that we are focused on the home. This includes our actual home and the people in it (our family). Themes such as moving, home security, nurturing the home, or property exchanges may present.

In family matters, I get a lot of issues creeping up with parents that may cause some some turbulence. There could be health issues or issues with property and or inheritence that creates friction with siblings or others involved. There does seem to be resolution or healing coming.

For many couples, long-term established relationships are breaking down. These relationships involve large investments of time and money. Sadly, somewhere along the way, the heart connection was lost and the emotional bond is just not there. This has turned the relationship into more of an arrangement. These situations are breaking down now because we desire something deeper or something aligned with our future goals. The good news is that if we can find a way past hard feelings and drama, there is an energy of cooperation, agreement, and understanding after some friction.

For those not wanting to really make a move, because of the security, stability, assets, or children, there may be events that actually thrust the separation or breakdown into full swing. Still for others, there can be events that actually bring the relationship back together in a stronger way.

For singles: Any relationships coming in right now feel slow to develop but may be sudden or quick to come in. Whirlwind of emotions, but there is a resistance to move forward. Either a reluctancy or some roadblocks to contend with. Both partners need to feel secure with where the future is heading before the relationship can fully blossom.

Collectively Speaking

This full moon will be bringing forth changes in the establishment and with our leaders. Old systems will start to change and break down (in some cases rapidly). Although initially very uncomfortable for us to face, the end result will offer the hope of positive new, replacements.

Word of caution: new does NOT always better, and some of the proposed or actual change presented by local, national, and world leaders may be illusionary in terms of benefits. Always use discernment and your intuition as a guide.

Here in the States, there will be events that transpire where we will begin to see people start pushing back against the establishment in hope for a brighter future for our children.

* On the other side of these big, uncomfortable changes, there is light at the end of the tunnel. New dreams and goals bring renewed hope and opportunities for growth. The road might be long, but it brings a positive energy and hope for a brighter future.


There will be many shake ups in the coprorate world, banking, and with supplies. These could include health/medical industries, banks, retail, and real estate… but this will carve the way for necessary and new innovative solutions to build a stronger future.

* Employment may evolve, and even turn into a different way to make a living that may become more like a lifestyle than an actual job/career.

Keep in mind that innovation does not necessarily mean better, but it does allow us the opportunity to forge our own or a new way. With the self empowerment and focus on our values that overshadow this reading we can find that we choose to become the leaders of our lives and decide how we want to invest our time to earn our livelihood and for many, it will be in a way that aligns with our values or soul’s purpose.

Having said this, those that have already aligned with their purpose and those that can see the hidden opporunities within the chaos will be super manifestors and have lucky breaks, and great opportunites presented for continued growth, abudance and connections.

Many will choose self employment by creating new paths for themselves that have the potential to grow well into the future. Remember… hard times force people to become very creative.

I get a lot of tech/digital energy here… so we may find that there is a push toward digital currency or there may be huge changes or shakeups with the internet. This will be met with resistance.

Technological advancements will change how we operate in and how we view the world. We will have to be discerning with developing technology as it may be used to disconnect us, distract us, and decieve us even more.

The recommendation in this spread is to hold on to our roots, remain in touch with everything organic, what is natural, and nature. Find ways to use this technology to better our lives and our environments while carrying the old ways of our ancestors with us.

Well Being

There will be truth exposure of things we have been mislead about, and a lot of shakeups in the medical, health, wellness industries.. Of special concern is MENTAL HEALTH, SUBSTANCE ABUSE, and TOXINs.

We unfortunately will be seeing a lot of emotional turbulence resulting in a continued issue with substance abuse and mental health issues. Psychotic breaks by those who have already been struggling with mental health issues, or have failed to do any self evaluation or healing work may become widespread. Those who cannot cope with self usually cannot cope with reality, and we may see large groups of people having noticeable issues. It is important that we try to meet these people with compassion when possible. They will need support of those who are more grounded and rooted during these challenging times. We must also remember, not everyone can be saved, and we free will to choose our own paths.

With the energy of card 29, Hunger, which has the moon, note that there is a heavy fog of illusion around us. It is extremely important we are careful to see things as they truly are and not how we want them to be. Be careful because everything is not how it appears.

The moon is associated with mental health, alcohol, substance, and additions… now is a dangerous to be playing with these issues. Focus on grounding and healthier ways to cope with the challenges we are facing like getting out in nature, breathing, spirituality, and our families.

On a positive note, there will be rapid innovations with technologies for cures and treatments, and natural health will be growing. People will also start to turning more to faith, hope, and Spirit

On a more personal level, we may have some health scares or health issues that force us to re-evaluate our lifestyles and make necessary changes for the future.

In summary, this is a huge time of change, and how we weather the storms we face will depend on our level of commitment to ourselves and our values. It will also be determined by our support systems, if our goals are aligned with our higher self and purpose, and by releasing the old and worn out stories that no longer serve us as individuals and as a society. Leaving old stories can be hard, but the promise of something more aligned with our beliefs and values is on the other side.

Collectively, it is important that we now come together to brace and face these storms and winds of change. We need to protect our values, our families, and our roots and most of all our children and the future we are leaving them.

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