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Schedule A Reading

Remote & Office Appointments Available

*Despite what the scheduling calendar may show, office appointments are ONLY available on

Saturday and Sunday

You can also find Chrissy at Magic Moon on Tuesday & Friday in

Saratoga Springs.

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Live Readings: In Person / Remote

  • Available Online

    Remote: 30 min Tarot Session

    30 min

    60 US dollars
  • Available Online

    Remote: 60 min Tarot Session

    1 hr

    110 US dollars
  • In Office: 30 min Tarot Session (WEEKEND ONLY)

    30 min

    65 US dollars
  • In Office: 60 min Tarot Session (WEEKEND ONLY)

    1 hr

    115 US dollars

Budget Friendly Recorded Readings: See TAROT EXPRESS

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