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Quick Facts About Chrissy

Chrissy has been on her spiritual and healing journey for over 15 years.

A life student, she has studied numerous subjects including occultism, spirituality, religion, philosophy, self development, esoteric studies, Natural Medicine, & Healing. Tarot and Astrology are included in this Metaphysical Soup.

Chrissy picked up Tarot about 13 years ago, and dedicated herself to the path in 2015. She has practiced professionally for the last 6 years and uses her strong intuition, Astrology background to help give detailed insights to her readings.


Her professional experience includes working at a well known local metaphysical shop for the last 5 years (Magic Moon in Saratoga Springs), numerous fundraisers, corporate events, and online platforms.

Chrissy has taken several professional courses of study including: Reiki Level I & II, Tarot (all levels), psychic development (with the amazing Tracy Fluty), meditation, and is currently enrolled in soul development studies and mediumship coursework.

Chrissy has natural intuitive gifts that she uses during her reading sessions. She reads the Tarot, but additionally receives messages from strong intuition and developing psychic gifts.

Chrissy is not affiliated with any religious organization or spiritual belief. She prefers to embody freedom, and does not attach labels to her practice. She recognizes that in order to develop her connection with the Divine, she needs to allow her beliefs to change and evolve as she changes and evolves.

Chrissy uses an honest, authentic and big-sister approach with her readings. She is extremely compassionate, and will deliver difficult news in a digestible manner. Clients should always leave feeling empowered and uplifted.

Chrissy is a Registered Nurse who studies holistic medicine, nutrition, and alternative remedies.




*Occult (oc·​cult): hidden from view, concealed, eclipsed. Not easily understood. Secret. Beyond the realm of human comprehension

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