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Tarot BFF

Learning Tarot? Having trouble interpreting your own spreads? Stumped on a card? Wish you had a Tarot BFF to talk you through?

Now you do!!!

Use Chrissy as your personal card coach and Tarot BFF to help talk and walk you through your own card interpretations, spreads, and Tarot questions.

Once Upon A Time...

Once Upon A Time allows you to connect with Chrissy to ask a particular question, review your own attempt at interpretation, or to get help walking through a simple spread.

This selection is limited to one encounter with a maximum of 4-5 email or text exchanges to answer your question.

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Four Weeks of Friendship

Four Weeks of Friendship allows you to connect with Chrissy to ask questions, review your own interpretations, or to get help walking through simple spreads.

This selection allows for multiple interactions over four weeks. This option allows one spread per week, and multiple questions pertaining to each spread.

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