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Tarot 911 TM revised.png

Did your life just turn into a dumpster fire?

Need a reading now? Can't wait for answers? Don't have time to schedule an appointment? 


Tarot 9-11 is an option for Tarot emergencies!!


If life just threw you a crazy curve ball, or if find you are suddenly in panic mode, emergency readings are available for an additional fee.

Emergency readings are same day appointments for your pressing issues.


Appointments cannot be guaranteed, but Chrissy will make every effort to accommodate your situation (within reason).

Please follow the instructions below to request a same day reading.

A flat fee will be charged in addition to the standard reading price.


Request an Emergency appointment in four ways:

1. Hit Panic #1 to connect directly to Chrissy's phone. Leave a message with your request.

2. Hit Panic #2 to check Chrissy's current availability through online chat/call.

3. Connect with  "Let's Chat" button in the corner of this screen to send a request

4. Text Chrissy direct. Indicate you have a dumpster fire burning out of control.

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