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About Chrissy...

Chrissy is a professional Tarot consultant, mentor, and spiritual coach who helps clients navigate real life issues through the use of Tarot, her intuition, and grounded, practical, advice.


During a reading, Chrissy is able to help find answers or solutions to everyday problems. With guidance from Tarot and intuition, she can autopsy a client's past, look into current issues, examine a client's deeper psychological and spiritual conflicts, or forecast and predict potential future possibilities.

for self reflection and analysis
for self development

to gain insight into the past, present, or future
to help answer life's questions
to obtain advice or guidance
to facilitate decision making
to foster spiritual growth
to predict future potential outcomes

Tarot is a sacred tool:

Tarot Menu:
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Tarot Readings

Need insight?

Schedule a reading from the comfort of your home, or in-person

 at Peter Harris Plaza in Latham, NY

Tarot 911:
Emergency Reading

Did your life just turn into a dumpster fire?

Don't have time to wait for an appointment?

Use this option when you have a Tarot emergency, and want same day service


NOTE: Additional fees apply, and this service is available based on Chrissy's availability.

Express E-Readings

Don't need an entire reading?

Just have one question or topic? Not in a rush?

This is a perfect budget friendly alternative.

Ask one question and receive your reading in the digital format of your choice.

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Tarotscope: Subscription

Want ongoing advice?

Have your very own (personalized) tarotoscope delivered to your inbox.

Choose from weekly, monthly, or quarterly subscriptions.

Tarot BFF:
Tarot Tutor Service

Learning Tarot?

Let Chrissy be your Tarot BFF! This is a pay per service or monthly tutor subscription that allows access to pick Chrissy's brain to help answer Tarot questions and spread interpretations.

Tarot Mentoring

Trying to learn Tarot?

Use this option to order Tarot Mentoring sessions. One on one tarot teaching time catered to your needs.

Available to students who are SERIOUS about learning the art of Tarot.

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Tarot Concierge Services:
Tarot On The Go

Tarot Concierge or Tarot On The Go is an available service for your private, corporate, fundraising, and promotional  events. 

Include readings at your next gathering to entertain and engage guests into deeper conversation and connection.


A great way to show support to your guests, employees, or network while promoting connection with spirit, self, and each other! Inquire to learn more!

Baby Shower


"You literally changed my life."

-Stacey k.

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926 Troy Schenectady Road, Latham NY

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